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Episode 6 – Jess Furman

Named one of Billboard’s Top-40 Industry Shaping Executives, Jess Furman works across multiple sectors: music, film, tech, new media, Web3, and non-profit advocacy. Balancing musical intuition with executive expertise, she has established a notable niche within these ever-accelerating interconnected businesses. In this conversation we take a deep dive into the future of music with an advocate whose commitment to an expansive community of world class creators is profoundly inspiring.

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Episode 5 – Lena Sutter

We celebrate the increasing visibility of women behind the board with the future-forward perspective of Lena Sutter, an accomplished recording and mix engineer. Just three years ago, she earned her Master’s Degree in Sound Recording from Berklee College of Music. Now, in addition to managing the studio and teaching at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, she contributes artistically and technically to a vibrant musical community.


Episode 4 – Kelley Purcell

Beyond the iconic Grammy Awards, the mission of the Recording Academy is to recognize excellence in the recording arts and sciences, cultivate the well-being of the music community, and ensure that music remains an indelible part of our culture. Kelley Purcell, VP, Membership and Industry Relations – and a Billboard Women in Music honoree — is on the frontlines of the Academy’s expanding representation of a diverse membership that includes the most significant creators in modern music.


Episode 3 – Jett Galindo

Jett Galindo is a Grammy-winning mastering engineer and vinyl cutter with an illustrious resume of noteworthy projects with artists from Barbra Streisand to Green Day. She joins a growing community of brilliant women, LGBTQ+ professionals, advocates, and pivotal organizations on the leading edge of the music industry’s evolution into an unprecedented era of inclusivity. From the Philippines to Hollywood: Jett shares her inspiring journey of achievement on Storyophonic.

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Episode 2 – Trovarsi

A wondrous command of technology and a profound message of unity: Producer, composer, and performer Trovarsi is a global electronic creator whose future-forward artistry transcends genres, cultures, and boundaries as it authentically and reverentially embraces a spectrum of creative traditions. Cerebral, celestial, and body shaking, she presents live concerts from California to China, redefining the borders of electronic music with electrifying sounds to enthrall a worldwide audience.

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Episode 1 – Denny Tedesco

With two award-winning documentaries, Denny Tedesco has distinguished himself as a filmmaker about music. His latest feature, Immediate Family, is the story of the key players who recorded and toured with iconic artists including James Taylor, Jackson Browne, Linda Ronstadt, Joni Mitchell, and Carole King. Like Denny’s feature The Wrecking Crew – dedicated to his father, the legendary studio guitarist Tommy Tedesco — Immediate Family illuminates the magical musical kinship of a golden historic era.

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