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EPISODE 22 – Judith Owen

Wise, witty and Welsh — Judith Owen is a songwriter and recording artist who defies easy description, but she’s certainly an evocative storyteller. With her latest release Rediscovered, Judith invests her spellbinding artistry into an ambitious repertoire that she claims for her own. We travel to Judith’s home as master bassist Leland Sklar joins the interview and Judith talks about her connection to the classic collection of amazing songs that she will help us rediscover, on Storyophonic.

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EPISODE 21 – Dayramir Gonzalez

Pianist, composer, arranger and producer Dayramir González radiates effervescent beams of dazzling creativity. With multi-layered compositions built on striking melodies, his exuberant conversation is counterpoint to his remarkable artistry. His latest release, The Grand Concourse, honors his adopted Bronx homeland while paying tribute to his birthright as a Cuban musician. Meet an inspiring artist in this very special Storyophonic episode.

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EPISODE 20 – Gordy Haab

An award-winning composer who creates music across sonic platforms of television and feature films, Gordy Haab’s epic scores to top video games like Microsoft’s Halo Wars Two and EA’s Star Wars Battlefront 1 & 2 reveals an unsurpassed understanding of the orchestra and a genius for blending contemporary and traditional sounds into one. Millions of gamers are transported into miraculous universes courtesy of his expansive scores and consummate creativity. The force is certainly with Gordy Haab.

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EPISODE 19 – Om’Mas Keith

A musical alchemist of the highest order, Grammy-winning producer Om’Mas Keith segues from jazz, to hip-hop to pop music and propels projects with a genre-defying mastery. As a member of the group Sa-Ra, as a solo artist, and in tandem with a roster including Vic Mensa, Ty Dolla $ign and Frank Ocean his historic roots, with an enlightened embrace of the unexpected and deep reverence for the art form, Om’Mas breathes music. He’s on the other side of the glass on Storyophonic.

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EPISODE 18 – Luciana Souza

Brazilian-born Luciana Souza has been releasing acclaimed solo recordings since 2002, while also performing and recording with greats including Herbie Hancock, Paul Simon and James Taylor. A notable composer, with her newest project, The Book of Longing, Luciana matches her melodies to the words of poets Leonard Cohen, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Emily Dickinson and Christina Rossetti, plus three of her own poems. Luciana Souza reveals the map for her latest creative expedition on Storyophonic.

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EPISODE 17 – Milck

“I can’t keep quiet, I’m a one woman riot,” are the words of singer-songwriter MILCK from her song “Quiet,” a gift to the world that went viral from the Women’s March in Washington. A musical activist who creates what she calls “cathartic pop,” her latest release is titled This is Not the End. MILCK comes from a family of doctors, and she shares that her goal is to be a sonic healer. Incisive, challenging, and inspiring – discover a vibrant artist with a vital message on Storyophonic.

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EPISODE 16 – Amy Keys

Although you might not know the name Amy Keys, if you are a music lover, her magical voice has probably touched you. With live performance and studio credits encompassing superstars like Phil Collins, Johnny Hallyday, Herbie Hancock, Neil Young, Don Henley, Sting and Barbra Streisand, Amy is one of music industry’s most in demand session singers whose incredibly soulful chops are matched by a fascinating perspective on her journey and her artistry. Amy Keys is center stage on Storyophonic.



EPISODE 15 – Lindy Robbins

Penning songs for an impressive roster of artists including Jason Derulo, Demi Lovato, David Guetta, Dua Lipa, Jennifer Hudson, One Direction and Zedd, Lindy Robbins is one of Hollywood’s most accomplished songwriters. As she shares, it took a combination of talent, timing, chutzpah and perseverance to illuminate her long path from writing cabaret and special material in New York to Hollywood, where she is now one of the pop music’s most respected collaborators.

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EPISODE 14 – Kari Kimmel

With close to 700 sync uses for her songs in feature films, television shows, trailers and promos, Kari Kimmel is a singer-songwriter who songs are rich with emotion and filled with heart. Now celebrating the release of her new full length, Glitter and Gold, Kari reflects on what makes songs adaptable for visual mediums, founding her own company Glow Music, and the fine balance between family life and Hollywood enterprises as she pledges her spirit to the fine art of songwriting.

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EPISODE 13 – Miriam Cutler

Emmy-nominated composer Miriam Cutler is passionate about scoring documentaries, among them Emmy winning, Sundance, and Oscar nominated films: Ethel, The Hunting Ground, and now RBG – A look at the life and work of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Over two decades, Miriam has forged a successful career in Hollywood composing scores for socially relevant documentaries that she believes in. Miriam Cutler joins us to talk music and the art of activism.

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EPISODE 12 – Alex Geringas

With a portfolio of songs recorded by everyone from Cher to Kelly Clarkson to a cast of Trolls, Emmy-nominated Grammy award- winning Alex Geringas scores feature films, animated television and much more. His musical expertise is fired by a vivid imagination as he contributes to this spectrum of visual mediums. Hear how he adapts his style of composing to fit this variety of platforms, and experience his enthusiasm for new projects as we meet Alex Geringas on Storyophonic.

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EPISODE 11 – Chris Price

As a songwriter, producer, artist and musician, Chris Price explores sonic landscapes of vintage instruments and real songs. In 2017, his collection Stop Talking made many year-end favorite lists, and now with his latest full-length, Dalmatian, he reveals a new 13-song journey. A notable producer and musician, whether he is behind the board recording the works of overlooked geniuses or orchestrating his own artistry, Chris reveals a potent creative sensibility that is smart and soulful.

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EPISODE 10 – Janvia Magness

With a Grammy nomination, and the B.B. King Entertainer of the Year and Contemporary Blues Female Artist of the Year honors, Janiva Magness connects to a broad base of devoted fans at concerts, festivals and club dates. Now, with her latest release, Love is an Army, she blends Americana influences into fiery proclamations that are both personal and political. Explore the deep roots and inspiring story of an American original and her musical mission on this episode of Storyophonic.

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EPISODE 9 – Julia Michels

Julia is unquestionably one of the most significant figures in the film and music industry today. Julia Michels began her career as a music executive for Twentieth Century Fox, where she supervised all music for projects across Twentieth’s myriad divisions. She left Fox to run the soundtrack department across all labels in the EMI Records’ family and then went on to oversee music for MGM Pictures.Currently, Michels is one of the most sought-after music supervisors in Hollwood whose films have earned well over $2 Billion Dollars in worldwide ticket sales. Recently awarded Top Honors from the Guild of Music Supervisors, among her latest projects is A Star is Born with Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga.



EPISODE 8 – Suzanne Coffman

A preeminent music clearance specialist whose client list includes Fox Broadcasting Co, Warner Bros Entertainment, Refinery 29 and Funny Or Die as well as indie filmmakers and producers, Suzanne Coffman oversees the complex process of clearing music through her company, MUSIC RIGHTZ. Film, television, promos, marketing, trailers and all visual formats – explore the labyrinth mechanisms of pairing music to visual mediums with a Hollywood music insider in this enlightening and educating episode.

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EPISODE 7 – Scott Bradlee

He’s retro, he’s contemporary – he is Scott Bradlee, the creator of Post Modern Jukebox, a celebrated series of current songs recast in historic styles as loved by an immense online audience. With his just released book, Outside the Jukebox: How I Turned My Vintage Obsession Into My Dream Gig, and in this conversation, he reveals how creating YouTube Videos in a basement apartment led to performances at Radio City Music Hall and prestigious venues worldwide.

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EPISODE 6 – Leland Sklar

If there were a Mount Rushmore for bass players, the magnificently bearded face of Leland Sklar would certainly be carved into it. Sklar’s bass lines have framed the sounds of classic singer-songwriters like James Taylor and Jackson Browne, underscored the vocals of Linda Ronstadt and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, and built the musical firmament for everyone from Dolly Parton to Diana Ross. Estimating that he has played on over 2,000 sessions, he continues to tour the world with Phil Collins and Judith Owen. Meet the man behind the bass in this career encompassing conversation.

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EPISODE 5 – Pinar Toprak

She is a composer of otherworldly music: Turkish-born Los Angeles based composer Pinar Toprak creates music for feature films, videogames – including the massively popular Fortnite –and now the SYFY series Krypton.Born in Istanbul, Pinar earned a degree in classical guitar, a degree in film scoring from Boston’s Berklee School of Music, and then a masters in classical composition. She spent a year interning, then programming, at Hans Zimmer’s studio and assisted composer William Ross before landing a videogame, Ninety-nine Nights, and a direct-to-video film, Behind Enemy Lines II: Axis of Evil. Creating additional music for Justice League, at Warner Bros., helped put her in the Krypton producers’ sights.There was a time when most producers didn’t believe that a woman could write an aggressive action score. Times have changed. Meet a very composed Pinar Toprak.

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She’s a Grammy, Emmy, Tony and Webby award-winning and nominated songwriter, performer, visual artist, director, collector, social artist, and party thrower. Her hits-including Earth, Wind & Fire’s “September” and “Boogie Wonderland,” The Pointer Sisters’ “Neutron Dance,” and The Rembrandts’ “I’ll Be There For You (Theme From Friends)” have sold more than 60 million records. She was recently inducted into the Songwriters Hall Of Fame. Willis also co-authored the Oprah Winfrey-produced Tony and Grammy-winning Broadway musical The Color Purple. Meet a fierce goddess who is always into the future.

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12-time Grammy-winner, producer/mixer/engineer Rafa Sardina has been behind the hits for Stevie Wonder, Alejandro Sanz and Josh Groban among so many others. In the world of films, soundtracks and movie scores, he has given voice to features with Tyler Perry, and Johnny Depp. Helping others realize their vision is his creed – find out the secrets behind the sounds with this acclaimed recording luminary.

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As one of pop music’s most distinguished songwriters, Billy Steinberg has collaborated on such career-defining songs like “True Colors” (Cyndi Lauper); “Eternal Flame” (The Bangles), “Like a Virgin” (Madonna), “I’ll Stand By You” (The Pretenders) and “Falling Into You” (Celine Dion). Meet this Songwriters Hall of Fame honoree as Billy recounts his history of growing up in Palm Springs, CA, an education at Bard College, and his unsuccessful career with the band Billy Thermal where he realized that writing songs for other artists would be his destiny.

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35 million records, sold out arenas worldwide, enshrinement in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame: Nancy Wilson is by any measure, rock and roll royalty. A guitar virtuoso from the age of 10, Wilson and her sister Ann led the multi-platinum rock group Heart, for whom she co-wrote classic songs including “Magic Man,” “Crazy on You,” “Barracuda,” and “Straight On.” As a film composer, Nancy’s credits include Almost Famous, Jerry Maguire, Say Anything, Elizabethtown and Vanilla Sky. Always moving forward, she is now recording and touring with her new band, Roadcase Royale, and is the Executive Music Producer for Muscle Shoals, a limited music-intensive drama series. Nancy lights up in this vivacious conversation that extends from historical milestones to her newest endeavors.

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